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Balancing budgets, scheduling, and quality control objectives help to ensure continual project progress that is essential to timely completion of the various construction phases. FMS establishes, coordinates and oversees construction scopes for all project stakeholders, thus allowing management and administration collaborative leeway to enhance and take advantage of client resources.

Construction services available during this phase include:

• Senior project management administrators;

• Safety training and oversight;

• Construction progress evaluation;

• Design change review;

• Specialized quality control;

• LEED Certification management;

• Payment requisition;

• Change order administration;

• Preparation of comprehensive project status reports;

• Real-time profit/loss assessment; and

• Schedule development and monitoring.



Prior to the start of construction, project team members will locate all utilities and become thoroughly familiar with the site. At, or shortly after, a Pre-Construction Conference, several plans will be prepared according to contract requirements and industry standards. A site investigation/survey report and all necessary documents will be gathered and submitted.

• Post-bid analysis following award;

• Subcontractor selection assistance; and

• Subcontract(s) review to ensure complete project scope(s).



FMS excels at balancing the project scope to achieve a customized execution plan that meets the established contract requirements and results in timely completion. Strategic planning during preconstruction and construction phases will ensure a smooth transition from initial design to final occupancy.

Key close-out aspects include:

• Punch list compilation and completion;

• Substantial and final completion certification;

• Commissioning oversight;

• Coordination of as-built drawings;

• Procurement of final releases; and

• Final payment authorization.