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Recognizing the uniqueness of every construction project, FMS is committed to developing an unequaled solution that meets our client’s goals for a reasonable fee.



FMS offers a team of Senior and Junior Estimators to assist clients in the development of cost-effective and timely pricing submittals for projects of all magnitudes and scopes .

The FMS Estimating Team can offer a variety of services to fit a Client’s needs including:

• Construction cost estimation;

• Budget preparation and/or evaluation;

• Quantity take-off management;

• Tab sheet(s) preparation and administration;

• Subcontractor solicitation and selection for bid pricing;

• Bid day coordination;

• Client engagement in the cost-of-work pricing;

• Final Submittal coordination; and

• Subcontract(s) review to ensure complete project scope(s).



The FMS technical team has produced thousands of technical proposals within the past year for submittal to various commercial and governmental entities. Each response to a solicitation begins with a distinctive strategy that emphasizes the client company’s value added expertise and superior capabilities specific to that organization. The proposal is uniquely enhanced with the utilization of publication-worthy marketing graphics and specialized design features to create a final bid response that represents the client’s unique corporate footprint and indisputably illustrates the client’s capabilities using factual data.